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Thex10 Private Poolvilla

The X Modern Japan Private Pool Villa With Moutain View (Villa1)

🏔️⛩️  Top of hill of The X10 Private Pool Villa Khao Yai, 362 metres above sea level, surrounding by hill with fantastic views.  This Villa is designed and decorated with modern japaneses styles. ⛩️🏔️

The Combination of Archotecture between Japanese house and elegant of modern house, become most popular Pool Villa for family, friends, and travellers who wish to be in Japan.  With the perfect combination of landscape. surrounding with mountains and hill.  Perfect temperature 23 degrees celcius, feels the mountains and relexing .

Villa Details:

  • 2 Bedroom

  • 2 Bathroom

  • 1 Livingroom

  • 1 Bed 5 ft.

  • 4 Bed 3 ft.

  • 2 Sofabed

  • 4 People Dining Table

  • Villa Size 120 Square meters

  • Villa Area 300 Square Wah

  • Patio 50 Square meters

  • Activity Area 100 Square meters

Most popular facilities:

  • logo_air_condition

    Air Conditioning

  • logo_smart_tv

    Cable-Smart TV

  • logo_free_drink

    Free drinks

  • logo_wifi

    Free Wifi

  • restaurant_quality

    food quality

  • car-parking

    Parking area

  • logo_pool_service

    Private pool

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