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special offers

Special Offer 1

Free Day Reservation Offer

Exclusive Program for those who willing to reserve for extra days within specified date and arrive on the specified free day

Special Offer 2

New Promotion Year of The Ox, Free! breakfast & dinner

Cut the price for 50% of Year of the Cow promotion and free! breakfast dinner.  Starts from 2,690 Baht for A Pool Villa limited for 100 permissions.  Only reserves on 11th January 2021.  Exclusive promotion for our Fan page

Special Offer 3

Voucher promotion

Pre-Sale Voucher for The X10 Project 2, Starts from 3,390 Baht  FREE!  breakfast (normally 6,000 Baht).  The Exclusive Private Pool Villa with 3 brand-new style of pool villa, decorated with Nordic Tent

Special Offer 4

COVID-19 Promotion 0% Installment Plan 4 Months

Experience Pool Villa, take an opportunity to rest with COVID-19 Promotion.  Start from 1,000 Baht / month. 0% Installment plan 4 months.  For those who has planned for long to experience our villa, take this chance to do so.  With 99 permission, Only Reserve on 28th January 2021

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